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100 Questions for a NEWS fan

Here we go
Another meme that I mentioned in last entry

If you want, feel free to do this tag XD



meme again ^__^

Copied from solitair
I wonder if anyone will do this for me XD



My countdown summary~*

I know it's a bit too late, but I still want to post about my countdown night ^__^
I can't get the photos we took in that night -- it's in my friend's camera...
because I don't close with her much,, and I rarely see her at my uni...a bit sad XD

I've warned you that my summary is long~ so sorryyyy ne ^ ^"
But it's really fun to tell about that...

My next entry will be meme [again?? XD]
I've done it in about 2 weeks ago...
Take it from daelite-san....and I think I must be crazy to translate and do it in Thai, too!!
Cuz it has 100 questions...I'm surely crazy.
But, just for NEWS ~ I feel like I can do anything XD

p.s. maybe a little picspam of chibi je too. ^__^


[will end with this begin from this entry ^__^]


The Opening~*

First post in my own LJ. ^^
Wahhh,, I feel like my English is worse than when I comment others' LJ...
Hope It'll be better if I often practice it. XD

There's a meme...
tagged by misoyo
thanks so much for tagging me, ne. ^__^
Here we go!!~~

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy!
1. I have passed the mid-term exam!!!
2. The new year is coming~♥
3. Seems like the present for my birthday next year is new cellphone. ^^
4. I've finished watching FNS and MSSL, they're the great shows.
5. Very happy to see NEWS in MSSL~ NEWS is very cute and so active there, haha.
6. I went for a trip to the sunflowers garden & Pasak Cholasit Dam at Lopburi with my parents last week, such a hot trip but It was very fun...they told sunflowers aren't beautiful much in this time but I still think they're very beautiful. ^^
7. My teacher has canceled the class in Wednesday. So I have the longer holiday. [even if it's just 1 day, haha]
8. Of course,, the report of 'pacific' concert. ♥
9. Kei-chan's new drama's news. Waiting for it.
10. This is the latest that makes me happy,, misoyo-chan, thank you very much for "Gomibako",, I'm going to love it!! Tego's voice is very nice, I can't believe that it's from 2005!!~

So, that's my meme~ but can I won't tag this to anyone else? I don't know who I can tag this meme. XD
Cuz I didn't make friends much at here. >_<

Then,, I'll begin the picspam XD
About the trip to Lopburi I mentioned above...I went to Sunflowers Garden & Pasak Cholasit Dam...
I went there by train~ taking extremely long time to arrive there...but sitting in the train would better if I didn't have to study for my exam!!~ Still, the train is quite good. ^^

That trip take me a whole day,, such a long trip. ^^"
I really took more pictures than that. But I'm too lazy to post it..hahaha.
Just pick the favorite to post.

Ahh, now is 31st,, the last day of the year, ne.
Waiting for the countdown~ hope that it'll be great in this year. ^^

Happy new year~~


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